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About Us
SEGITOP offers a wide range of professional engineering services in the field of renewable energy, specially in the Utility Scale PV plants.

With a multidisciplinary team of experts, we are providing owner engineering, overseeing construction projects, start-up and comissioning and maintenance.

Our knowledge and experience in the renewable energy market allow us to deliver simple yet effective technical solutions.

We value strategic partnerships and prioritize quality in every aspect of our services and products.

Trust SEGITOP for all your engineering needs in the ever-growing realm of renewable energies.
Our expertise
* Turnkey projects:

Design + engineering  + installation + maintenance

We offer solutions in the Monitoring field, Weather stations, CCTV, Fiber Optics and communication infraestrcuture in order to protect your assets and your core business by providing a system accordingly to the best quality standards.

* Our experience is a powerful fact

Our team accumulates more than 15 years of expierience in the market, that allows SEGITOP to find the right balance and commitment between cost effective solution and technical requirements, giving the best quality service to the client during the installation lifetime.

Design, Engineering and Project

SEGITOP's team adapts each solution for your engineering projects. We offer a high level of service to improve processes, projects and products. Benefit from our engineering expertise and get efficient results quickly.


SEGITOP's turnkey projects offers professional installation services for companies and individuals. Our services guarantee the safety of your equipment and guarantee a quick and efficient installation. Benefit from our experience and a quality installation service to achieve your goals.


SEGITOP's maintenance service offers preventive and corrective maintenance for businesses and PV plants. Our services guarantee the optimized operation of systems and equipment, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

  • Cornell√†, Catalonia, Spain